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Neurodiversity at Oxford is a collaborative project and we are always looking to work with neurodiverse university members. We also welcome all feedback about the project, suggestions for future events, and improvements to accessibility. We would also love to hear any events, research or initiatives you are putting on which might be relevant to Oxford's neurodiverse community.


We have recently updated our payment structure - we strive to be equitable in all that we do, including paying our speakers and invited guests a fee for their time and labour as well as any students who lead initiatives as part of our project. We work on a limited budget per the conditions of our funding and we recognise that in certain cases the payment may not be sufficient, and we are happy to discuss this further and receive suggestions for future avenues of funding. Please see the payment structure document here. 


Please get in touch with any of us individually or through the following links:


Facebook: Neurodiversity at Oxford

Twitter: @NeurodiverseOx

Instagram: @neurodiverseox